Gennadiy Golovkin files lawsuit against Golden Boy

Gennadiy Golovkin is supposed to be having his next fight against Ryoto Murata on April 9 but now has another battle on hand as the middleweight champion sues Golden Boy Promotions over his 2018 rematch with Canelo Alvarez.

ESPN reports that Golovkin is seeking a minimum of $3 million in damages, requesting interest on the $9,025,351 Golden Boy still owed him as of January 2021 as part of his financial upside of the PPV event. But Golovkin says the $9,025,351 figure owed to him was still erroneous and about $1.375 million short as evidenced by a revised accounting document from Golden Boy.

Golovkin is said to have been entitled to 45% of total gross revenue stemming from the bout — from tickets sold, sponsorships, PPV sales, close-circuit, etc. — after Golden Boy took in the first $2.5M from net ticket sales. And with Golovkin claiming breach of contract and fiduciary duty, among other things, he’s looking to head to a jury trial.

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