Donald Cerrone: Where’d you get those numbers?

Donald Cerrone indicated many of the figures being rumored for his UFC 246 payday aren’t accurate. The idea of fighting Conor McGregor for the big pay check is known worldwide, but “Cowboy” isn’t sure.

“Somewhere in the business is a liar, because the money you guys show me making is not the money I’m making,” Cerrone told MMA Junkie. “I need to find that person and be like: “Where’d you get those numbers? I want them.”

“Hey man, (expletive) good for you,” Cerrone said. “Good for you. If you want to kick “Cowboy” a little bit of that, a percentage would be even cooler. Like I said, if that’s a real number? (Expletive) right on, man.”

“That means I did something right and he did something right and we’re selling a hell of a fight. Right on, man. Good for you. Throw “Cowboy” a little bit of that grease when you’re done.”

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