Doug Rogers passed away

With great sadness, Judo Canada informed about the passing of the legendary athlete Doug Rogers at the age of 79 years.

As one of Judo Canada’s hero of the tatamis, Doug Rogers was inducted as an athlete into Judo Canada’s Hall of Fame in 1996 for outstanding national and international achievements as a member of Canada’s National Judo Team.

One of his many accomplishments include winning the first Olympic medal for Judo in Canada!

Rogers won silver medal in Tokyo 1964.

Canadian judoka Douglas Rogers was 1965 World Championships bronze medallist and multiple Canadian champion and Pan American champion in 1965 as heavyweight judoka.

Rogers received his seventh Dan for meritorious contribution at a gala in 2017.

Moved to tears from the first moments of the tribute, the 1964 Olympic silver medallist expressed his gratitude for the honour that was bestowed on him. Now it is our time to pay our respect for Douglas Rogers who also competed at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.

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