Dubois expects to stop Joe Joyce

Heavyweight contender Daniel Dubois is less than two weeks away from his showdown with Olympic silver medal winner Joe Joyce.

There is a lot of momentum riding on the outcome, with the winner likely moving forward to a potential world title shot in the near future.

Most experts believe the contest will end inside the distance, with someone getting knocked out – which is exactly what Dubois expects to happen.

“I think I can get him early or late. It doesn’t matter,” Dubois told Daily Star Sport.

“Fast or slow, it doesn’t matter. It’s gonna be a win for me whatever way I have to do it. Win by any means necessary and come through it if it’s early or late.”


“Joe’s Joe. He boxes differently that’s all I’m gonna say. He’s got his own way of doing things and that’s who I’m gonna be fighting. I’ve just got to be ready to fight him and take away everything that he brings.”

Dubois is currently ranked in the number two position under the WBO. 

“[I’m] definitely [ready for the likes of Usyk]. All the amateur skills and movement, it’s the basics of boxing. You need to be athletic as a heavyweight and I’ve got that. I’ve got the tools to go far in this division,” Dubois said.”

“I’m really looking forward to fighting Joe, beating him and then whoever’s next I’ve got to crush. So bring them on.”

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