Dubois-Joyce winner will be mandatory for a world title next year

Frank Warren expecta Daniel Dubois to become a superstar in the future.

Dubois (15-0, 14 KOs) was in action last month, when he blew away Ricardo Snijders in two rounds after scoring four knockdowns.

Taking him all the way to the top will be such a fantastic success story. I’ve had many champions over the years who we have built up into worldwide superstars. Dubois has got it all to follow in their footsteps for sure and I’ve never met someone so dedicated to fulfilling their potential. The Londoner came on to my radar before anyone else had really heard of him and we decided to take him as a teenager. We knew we were getting a special talent but the worth ethic from him is second to none,” Warren said to Daily Star


“While many people’s lives have been changed by lockdown, it won’t have made much difference to Dubois. He won’t have been allowed in a gym for a few months but he will have spent every waking hour either training or thinking about boxing. Some have ability but lack the work ethic, while others lack talent but make up for it by giving their all but Dubois has both the skills and the willingness to work harder than anyone.”

Next up for Dubois is a showdown with undefeated Olympic silver medal winner Joe Joyce.

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