Dutch judo team celebrates triple gold on Celje

The team of the Netherlands won the European Judo Cup in Celje with three gold medals and four silver. The Dutch were the best of seven winning nations and won all its gold in the men’s division.

The race for gold started U60kg with a victory for Tibo Volleman against Yohan Roussel of France. On Sunday Jan Reijntjens captured the gold U90kg in the final bout against strong German Falk Petersilka. Ferdinand Ansah won the title U100kg against Hungarian Zsombor Veg.

Hungary did win gold on Saturday when Bence Boros took the first place against home fighter Andraz Jereb U66kg. British Eric Ham was victorious against Daan ten Heuvel of the Netherlands U73kg. There was a second gold for Hungary U81kg when Benedek Toth defeated Jovan Niskanovic (SRB). Vito Dragic of Slovenia captured the gold medal in the heavyweight category – where only six men started. Home fighter Dragic bested Benjamin Bouizgarne of Germany in the final.

In the women’s division Germany and Great Britain both signed for two titles. However the first gold was for Italy in an all Italian final U48kg between Michela Fiorini and Sofia Petito, won by Fiorini. Two Germans took the bronze, Mascha Ballhaus and Mira Ulrich. Fiorini became the successor of current World Champion Daria Bilodid who won the event last year.

Louise Renaud  from France secured the gold medal in her final against Annika Würfel. Germany did win gold U57kg when Caroline Fritze defeated Shannon van den Meeberg of the Netherlands. Seija Ballhaus won bronze like her twin sister. The second gold for Germany was for Dena Pohl in her final against Larissa van Krevel. The former Junior European Champion made her return after being injured for 18 months. With a silver medal she had a golden feeling in Celje.

On Sunday it was time for Great Britain with Kelly Petersen Pollard who won the category U70kg against Marlene Galandi. Pollard was the only non-German on the podium, Alina Boehm and Julie Hoelterhoff took bronze.

Shelley Ludford won the second British gold. She kept off Christina Faber from gold U78kg. Mercedesz Szigetvari continues to take silverware as a heavyweight. This time the Hungarian won gold against Dutch youngster Marit Kamps.

Source: judoinside.com

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