Dutch kickboxer wants to return after brain surgery

The Dutch kickboxer Robbie Hageman admitted he wants to make a comeback following his last year’s brain surgery.

The 29-year-old was last seen in action in December 2018 at GLORY 62 when Russia’s Dmitry Menshuikov KO’d him in the opening round.

After the fight, Hageman got an MRI and it was revealed that he has a lump in his brain and a surgery was needed in order to remove it.

“I feel very fit again and want to make my comeback next year in January or February,” Hageman told reporter Rik Elfrink.

“I feel I should do it, whatever everyone thinks. The chance that something will happen is very small and I make sure I am fitter than ever before starting a game. It will not be possible with every union, but it is possible. I go for it,” he said.

Photo: twitter.com/robbiehageman

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