Eddie Hearn details how Golovkin vs Eubank fell apart

Back in 2016, Gennadiy Golovkin vs. Chris Eubank Jr. looked imminent, only to collapse right at the finish line and leave Kell Brook to take Eubank’s place. Eddie Hearn blamed the negotiation failure on Eubank Sr., claiming that the former champion wanted “full operational control of the promotion,” but recently divulged further details on BBC Live.

Here’s a bit of the transcript, but I’d really advise you to listen to the link. Hearn tells it wonderfully.

“It was me, Chris Eubank Jr, and Chris Eubank Sr negotiating a deal. We’d agreed all the terms of the deal. Then Chris Sr looked at me and said, ‘Edward, there’s one more thing. In your father’s office is a picture of me punching Nigel Benn. It also has the official scorecards from the fight, you must remove the picture and give it to me. If you do I will sign the deal.’

Barry Hearn proved inflexible.

“I said, ‘Well, Eubank said if you give him that picture the deal’s done.’ He said, ‘Tell Eubank to go and stick it up his behind, that is my favourite picture in the world and there is no way I’m removing that from my wall.’

“So I had to go back and say to him, ‘Chris, I’m really sorry; we’ve got a deal, but I can’t deliver you the picture.’ He said, ‘Then there is no deal, because the picture will paint a thousand words and this is part of the deal, a major moment to secure the paperwork.’

“And I just said, ‘Leave me alone, go away.’ And we’ve never worked together again. No deal.”

Source: badlefthook.com

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