Eddie Hearn: I’ll make my own boxing game

Just a couple of days ago I wrote how much of a shame it’s been that it’s been nearly a decade since the last major boxing release for gaming consoles, Fight Night Champion by Electronic Arts. The eWBSS has most recently been using the game to simulate their fantasy tournaments, but with Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn telling fans that EA has no interest in revamping the series, he’ll take up the cause himself.

“Do you know what, EA Sports don’t really seem interested in boxing and Fight Night. So should I just do one myself? We have a few interesting projects coming up. The one and only Big K, yes, you and me, we’ll start our own game. We’ll start or own rival game to EA Sports’ Fight Night, me and the one and only Big K, Prince Khalid. We will do it. What’s that mean? After this, let’s get it sorted. Right, I’m going to release a new boxing game. Fuck it. Let’s do it.”

Now I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that Hearn knows absolutely nothing about game development, which might be why he’s tabbing his Saudi prince friend to presumably financially back what is surely an expensive endeavor. I mean, hey, it sounds good and all on the surface, but I won’t be holding my breath or anything.

Do any of you believe Hearn will deliver?

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