Eddie Hearn wants Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia

Matchroom Boxing’s head Eddie Hearn believes a lightweight clash between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia is an absolute MUST fight once the coronavirus outbreak is gone.

The British promoter knows it won’t be a hard fight to make due to the fact both boxers fight on DAZN.

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It is definitely an interesting bout. Both Haney and Garcia are young and undefeated and they can headling an event without any hesitation. Haney said on numerous occasions he’s willing to go one on one with Garcia, but meantime he wants his WBC lightweight belt back.


Devin was granted a “Champion in Recess” tag by the WBC because he had to undergo surgery on his shoulders.

“When do you think, you obviously plan on fighting around July time, Corona pending. We hope to be in action then,” said Eddie Hearn, the promoter for Haney on Instagram. “All these guys, you literally line them up and get them ready. Let’s talk about the Ryan Garcia fight as well.

“For me, when you talk about the politics of boxing, that’s a fight, same broadcasters, Golden Boy, we work with as well. In reality, we should be able to make the Ryan Garcia fight. At the same time, it’s still very early for you to in your careers to be jumping into a fight like that. You’re ready, right?” said Hearn.

“I’ve never met anyone so you that doesn’t really have to take those career-defining fights right now like you. You want those fights. It’s easy to call those guys out. I know plenty of trainers and managers who will be calling guys out but really behind closed doors, it’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah, we’ll have a couple of more fights,’” said Hearn.

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