Eddie Hearn working on a boxing match between British pop-icons

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn is doing his best to make a lot of British music fans’ dream come true by putting in the ring singers Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher.

The former Take That singer and the ex-Oasis leader have had a feud for over 20 years now with the insults between them turning into city folklore in the UK. After Hearn did the KSI – Logan Paul fight, Robbie Williams admitted talking with the promoter for putting together another one with him.

“I do box. I’m not bad. I’ve got to inhabit various different things throughout my career, like with Soccer Aid I get to pretend to be a footballer and when I’m on stage I get to pretend I’m a singer. I just want to experience lots of different things. I’ve been boxing and I love it and if there’s anybody that I want to box, it’s Liam Gallagher. Well there was beef in the 90s. We hung out in the same sort of circles, I wouldn’t necessarily say we were friends… He hasn’t responded, twice. And I’d really like to do it. “I’ve spoken to Eddie Hearn, Eddie Hearn’s up for it.”. When asked if a Williams vs Gallagher bout would be for a charitable cause, Williams smiled and replied: “No.”

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