Eddy Reynoso: No doubt Canelo KO`s Golvokin in a third fight

Although the boxing schedule is on an indefinite hold for the time being, there’s a working idea to hold a third fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin this September. To that end Canelo’s trainer Eddy Reynoso assures fans that if the third fight happens his fighter will put a stamp on their rivalry with a knockout win.

“Without a doubt. If this fight happens, Canelo-Golovkin III, no doubt we’ll knock him out,” Eddy Reynoso, the 2019 trainer of the year, told ESPN KnockOut. “We’ll look to take the fight to him like in the second one, from the start, try to push him back. But this time things are going to be very different. This time, we’re going to knock him out. That’s a promise to all the people who believe in us.”

Canelo, 29, was recently linked to a fight against Billy Joe Saunders, which was expected to happen in early May, but with the coronavirus shutdown it’s looking more and more possible that the fight doesn’t happen this year and Reynoso suggests Canelo’s priority to to have one last fight with Golovkin at middleweight before settling in at 168lbs.

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