Edmond Nazaryan wins gold at the Senior European Wrestling Championships (VIDEO)

Bulgaria captured its first gold medal at the Senior European Wrestling Championships that are being held in Rome, Italy.

The18-year-old son of the Greco-Roman legend Armen Nazaryan – Edmond Nazaryan won the gold in the 55 kg category last night, defeating the reigning champion Vitalii Kabaloev (RUS) in his senior-level debut.

Image: Kostadin Andonov

Nazaryan soared to the top of the European podium with a pair of technical superiority wins, a fall over world champion Eldaniz Azizli (AZE), and the finals win over Kabaloev.

“I want to say that I am very happy that I have won the gold medal of the European Championships, especially among Seniors,” said Nazaryan. “Even though it’s my first time, it’s my debut, but I have been doing everything I could to win this gold medal. And I have done it.”

In the final match, the Bulgarian went hard right from the get-go, jumping out to an early 5-0 lead over the Russian. His first point came from an inactivity call against Kabloev. He gained the three-point advantage after Kabloev was knocked for a caution-and-two for jumping the gun. He tacked on two additional points with a reverse lift and commanded the 5-0 lead. He conceded a stepout and a takedown and his lead was cut to two points. He ended the match on a high note, scoring a failed challenge point and a stepout and captured the European title with a 4-point victory.

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