Eggington: I’ll be fully prepared for a bloody battle

Sam Eggington is going for a victory over former world champion Liam Smith at The M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool on March 30.

They do a lot of sparrings, but still “will be fully prepared for a bloody battle”:

“I don’t feel any pressure going into this one,” said Eggington. “The bookies have me down as a huge underdog and that suits me just fine. I’m going to put the work in behind the scenes and come up on the blind side and get a big win that no-one is going to expect. I didn’t think I’d get a huge fight like this so soon after my loss, so to get Liam, a former World Champion, is a huge motivation for me.

“I do a lot of sparring with Liam and he’s a good bloke, they all are at Gallagher’s gym. I think he’d say the same about me, but there’s no room for niceties, come March 30 we’ll be knocking lumps out of each other and I’ll be fully prepared for a bloody battle with him. I’m in no position to be turning down fights like this after what happened. He’s the favourite but we’re quietly confident of getting the win.

“Our spars have always been competitive. You could have sold tickets for some of them! That’s why I’m so confident our fight can’t disappoint on March 30. We’re going to be in 10oz gloves with no head guards, it’s going to be brutal and I can’t wait. It’s guaranteed to be an exciting fight for the fans – I promise you that.”

The 25-year-old, who holds notable victories over Frankie Gavin and Paul Malignaggi.

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