Eric Molina believes Joshua can KO Fury

Former world title challenger Eric Molina knows exactly what it feels to get KO’d by the unified world champ Anthony Joshua.

Molina, 38, fought the Brit back in 2016 and got destroyed in the third round. Since then the American has been on the downside of his career.


Now there are rumors that the American could be on the undercard of the highly anticipated undisputed fight between Fury and Joshua.

At the moment, the handlers for the two world champions are in deep negotiations to finalize a potential full division unification for the summer.

One could say it is a 51-49 fight in favor of whoever, but Molina thinks that “AJ” can get the job done inside the 12 rounds.

Image: BGNES

“I can see Anthony Joshua knocking out Tyson Fury. I can see that happening. If you look at Tyson Fury, he does some things similar to me defensively against Wilder, which was to stay away from one or two big shots,” Molina told IFL TV.

“I’ve always had my strength of when I sparred big punchers, I’ve always said bring me the bigger punchers because I could see one, two, or three shots. I could get a read. Wilder gives you a big read like [winding up his shots]. He’s coming hard, but he’s giving me all that. So by the time I see that, I’m moving. I’m not just going to stand there.

“The ones that stand there [covering up] like this against Wilder, you’re going to get hurt. I already knew that I wasn’t just going to pick my gloves up to take a shot like that. The same way Tyson Fury does not do that. What Joshua does, he doesn’t give you that boom. He’s very fluid with his punches. He comes with three, four, five, maybe even a six.”

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