Ernesto Hoost has joined the KWU International Professional League in Kamchia

The third KWU International Professional League training session in Kamchia will be remembered with the arrival of kickboxing legend and four-time K-1 WGP winner Ernesto Hoost.

“Mr.Perfect” touched down in Bulgaria earlier today and a few hours later he was attending the 14th annual KWU International Summer Camp in Kamchia where he’s an instructor at the KWU International Professional League.

Over 180 fighters from 14 countries were divided into three groups. Because of the anti-pandemic restrictions, the training session was conducted outdoors. Even though Hoost was fresh off the airplane, he was obviously in great spiring and he even practiced his Bulgarian language skills.

The hot weather didn’t bother the participants at all, as they were listening and observing every move the kickboxing legends showed them.

Hoost, Aerts, and Schilt will take part in the upcoming sixth edition of SENSHI fight nights as special guest referees.

KWU International Professional League’s main goal is to upgrade the skill set of the professional fighters, to build on their technique and tactics that will ultimately increase the level of the fights and also to extract the most essential from the Kyokushin, Muay Thai and Kickboxing traditions. The importance of the full contact rules is embedded in the SENSHI fight nights since their beginning.

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