Errol Spence wants to fight three times in 2021

Unified welterweight champion of the world Errol Spence Jr. is fresh off of a convincing UD win over Danny Garcia, but “The Truth” is already planning his next moves.

The American fighter is considered to be one of the very best boxers in the world and his victory against Garcia proved that he is still the top dog of the division.

Last week’s fight was the first for him since September 2019. Spence suffered multiple injuries when he crashed his Ferrari and spent weeks in the hospital, but t seems the worst days are far behind him.

He admits that his trainer, Derrick James, had urged him to box – but he failed to follow his instructions and instead brawled it out with Porter.

This time around, with Garcia, he stuck to the game plan and boxed in every round.

“They told me to use my jabs and my boxing skills against Shawn, but I made the hype get to me, and went toe-to-toe with him most of the way. I ended up with a split decision and on reflection, I see where I could have thrown that fight away. Saturday I listened to them, and won comfortably,” said Spence to The Gleaner.

“When I heard the ring announcer say, ‘the winner and still champion’, the feeling of joy that I felt was even more satisfying than when I was declared champion for the first time back in May 2017. I am back and 2021 will be a busy year.”

Spence’s father, Errol Spence Sr., told the paper that he wants to see his son fight three times in 2021.

“We would like to have about three fights next year,” said Spence Sr.

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