Senior European Judo tour hits Croatia

One of the biggest European annual judo competitions is just around the corner. On october 3-4 the annual European Cup in Dubrovnik will take place once again, as all the elite judokas from Europe have been gathering for years.

This time the level of competition could be somewhat different because of the coronavirs restrictions that are still in place in many countries.

Still, the Senior European Cup in the south of Croatia will be the first official judo tournament in the world after a several-month break in the competition due to a pandemic that stopped international sports competitions.

The event will serve as a prelude for a lot of judokas that will take part in the upcoming Budapest Grand Slam that is scheduled to take place later in October.

It will be the sixth consecutive edition of the European Cup in Dubrovnik that included top world players such as Daria Mezhetskaia, Penelope Bonna, Ivana Maranic and sisters Brigita and Barbara Matic.

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