European title for Andrea Stojadinov

Serbian lightweight Andrea Stojadinov was able to win the European Junior title. An amount of points will help her to reach the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Stojadinov seems to pick up the pace in at junior and senior level.

Last week in Budapest she defeated Paris finalist and Düsseldorf winner Shirine Boukli for bronze.

In Porec she captured the European title after four victories. In the final she defeated Italian Giulia Carna after her semi final win against Erza Muninoviq.

“Despite the pandemic, I didn’t really take a break. I was training all the time even when it was not possible to train at the dojo, due to a lockdown.”, Stojadinov said in interview for Judo Inside. “I would work with my strength coach Goran Popović. And I would work on technical training with my brother, who is also a judoka. We’ve been allowed to do judo since the middle of August though. So, it was then that I could start doing randoris again at my club, Red Star.”

“Well, the general public was not allowed to watch the competition but the competitors were allowed to watch matches, so you could hear a little bit of cheering from the stands. My teammates were among the loudest people in the hall so I could hear them cheering for me! In any case, when I’m competing, I’m really focus on the fight so it doesn’t really matter if there’s a big crowd cheering or not.”

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