Evander Holyfield’s son produces a stunning pro debut (VIDEO)

Evan Holyfield, 22, the son of heavyweight icon Evander Holyfield, made his pro debut this past Saturday night at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

Evan made his first pro appearance on the Saul Alvarez – Sergey Kovalev undercard. The super welterweight faced Nick Winstead (0-2).

The encounter between the two was over in just 15 seconds, following some massive punches from Holyfield who managed to knock down his adversary.

The referee of the fight took manner in his own hands and stopped the fight at the 2:45 mark, as a lot of fans were scratching their heads because of the way too early stoppage. There is no doubt, he had to give Winstead a chance to recover from the early blows, but it didn’t happen.

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