Executive Committee of KWU introduces the kata discipline

A meeting of the Executive Committee of Kyokushin World Union (KWU) was held in Varna, Bulgaria.

It was attended by Shihan David Pickthall (Great Britain) – President of International Federation of Karate (IFK), Shihan Antonio Pinero (Spain) – President of Kyokushin World Federation (KWF), Shihan Hatsuo Royama (Japan) – President of Kyoukushin-kan International (KI), Shihan Aleksandr Pichkunov (Russia) – Secretary-General of KWU, Polina Sheremeteva (Russia) – Secretary of KWU.

It was introduced the kata discipline into the KWU rules and create the rules for kata competition and additional weight categories to the KWU rules were added.

Also what was decided: Change the KWU rules and leave it to the discretion of women in category 18+ to use shin and insteps protectors, create an official list of KWU judges for the kata discipline. (In working process)

Allow the possibility of combining weight categories (no more than 2 weight categories), with an insufficient number of participants in the weight category.

Allow identifying the winner based on the weighing results in the combined weight categories with a minimum difference in weight of 5 kg.

Introduce fights for 3rd place, if there are 6 or fewer participants in the weight category, were decided, too.

History of Karate

Karate (空手) (/kəˈrɑːti/; Japanese pronunciation: [kaɾate] (About this soundlisten); Okinawan pronunciation: [kaɽati]) is a martial

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