F2W 161 Results: Cyborg wins against Tim Spriggs and earns a belt

Fight 2 Win returned for their second event of 2021 with a banger of a card in Florida that was capped off with an action-packed co-main and main event at F2W 161.

Co-Main Event

Diego “Pato” Oliveira vs. Gabriel Sousa

Sousa pulled guard, coming to his feet after a scramble that saw Pato in a reverse closed guard. Sousa slammed Pato to try to loosen the guard, but Pato was the one who ultimately got the sweep to reverse the position. Playing guard, Sousa began loosening the lapels of his opponent, but the competitors ultimately decided to return to the feet. Pato pulled guard and Sousa again slammed him from inside closed guard. Sousa then had to fight against Pato’s grips and pressure as he tried to pass his guard, and Pato underhooked Sousa’s leg to try to come up for the sweep once again. Though he ultimately succeeded, it was only a moment before Sousa then pulled Pato’s legs out from under him for a sweep of his own.

As Sousa moved closer to Pato in his guard, Pato threw up a triangle-to-omoplata attempt as Sousa avoided getting submitted. As they landed in 50/50, Pato attempted a footlock that didn’t seem to faze Sousa. The match finished without a submission, and Pato was awarded the split decision win.

Main Event

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu vs. Tim Spriggs

After about five minutes of hand-fighting, Spriggs went for a takedown that nearly pushed the competitors off the stage. Cyborg then went for a powerful takedown attempt of his own, again nearly sending the match into the crowd. Spriggs shot for a takedown, resulting in Cyborg sprawling on top of him and tripping the back leg out from under him to end up in Spriggs’ closed guard. Cyborg managed to open the guard and charged forward for the takedown as Spriggs got to his feet. With about a minute left to go, Cyborg took Spriggs to the ground, with Spriggs keeping a hold on his head to restrict his mobility. Spriggs scrambled to his feet and tried to Imanari roll his way into a last-second attempt at submissions, repeatedly trying for an opening before time ran out.

Cyborg was awarded the unanimous decision victory and the no-gi heavyweight champion title.


Black Belts

  • Roberto Abreu def Tim Spriggs Dec
  • Diego Oliveira def Gabriel Sousa Dec FOTN
  • Jason Rau def JZ Cavalcante Dec
  • Chad Fields def Tyler King dec
  • Hugo Marques def Cole Franson dec
  • Tex Johnson def Arnaldo Maidana Armbar Triangle SOTN
  • David Garmo def Adrian Benavdes Dec
  • Rodrigo Gortari def Michael Rodriguez Heel Hook
  • Orlando Castillo def Ricky Semiglia dec
  • Rida Haisam Isaac def Brendan Allen dec
  • Suraj Budhram def Anthony Birchak dec
  • Mateo Londono Armel def Dru Phoenix armbar
  • Pedro Ramos def Tomas Kucera dec
  • Dayvid Klay def Marcelo Antunes dec
  • Jorge Santiago def Fred Moncaio dec
  • Rafael Dias def Roberto Retto Dec
  • James Brasco def Marcelo Meleiro dec

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