F2W 211 results: UFC vet dominates with north/south choke victory

The 211th Fight 2 Win card lit up the Pittsburgh grappling scene this past weekend. Showcasing an ensemble of local and national talent, gi players, no-gi submission specialists, adult and juvenile competitors—the longstanding tournament gave everyone something to enjoy.

Headlining the show were 10th Planet representative Jason Robinson and UFC vet Chris Dempsey, alongside fellow 10th Planet athlete and Combat Jiu-Jitsu standout David Weintraub and Hometown favorite Evan Anastacio in the co-main. Under the F2W ruleset, special emphasis is placed on submission attempts rather than just positional dominance to incentivize constant attacks from participants.

Finding a second front head lock, Weintraub went for the snap down and instead went for a D’arce choke. Ever resilient, True Believer BJJ’s Anastacio escaped to stand again, quickly going on the offensive with a second takedown attempt. But Weintraub was able to sprawl out, returning them to a familiar position in the match.

Weintraub returned to passing attempts from the top as Anastacio worked his knee shield in for half guard. Maintaining his frames, he was able to briefly lock Weintraub in closed guard before finding himself passed to bottom side control in the closing minute. Desperate for another sub attempt, Weintraub exploded to the back hoping to find Anastacio’s neck. As time expired, Weintraub’s constant offense was rewarded with a decision win.

David Weintraub (red/black shorts) attempting a final submission on Evan Anastacio in the closing seconds of their match at F2W 211

Our main event began with brief collar ties, before Robinson opted to pull half guard on the MMA alumni. Dempsey brought himself up as Robinson attempted to lock down his right leg, and used a knee cut to begin passing to side control. Free to move, Dempsey moved to north/south position looking to lock in a north/south choke. Jason tried to hip escape to create space, and moved to re guard.

Dempsey, still on top, briefly courted an arm attack before returning to the north/south choke. Feeling an opening, Jason exploded free and returned the fight to the feet only to pull half guard again. A short scramble gave Dempsey the opportunity to pass and return to north/south off of an abandoned guillotine attempt. Committed to the choke, he squeezed as the clock wound down to the final minute. Robinson desperately tried to escape once again, but was forced to give the tap with 57 seconds on the clock. Dempsey was declared the winner by submission.

Chris Dempsey (right) after winning the main event of F2W 211

Full Results:

Jake Wrenn Def. Matthew Darwin (Decision)

Keegan Blakenship Def. Ryder Farrell (RNC) (Juvenile)

Kenneth Burrs Def. Roman Flenory (Decision)

Christopher Smiley Def. Trace Ricketts (Decision) (Gi)

Cody Gamble Def. Garrett Lyle (Americana)

Justin Singer Def. Jacob Fenton (Triangle)

Abigail Mueller Def. Kylee Cipolla (Decision)

Jessica Dury Def. Summer Hannah (Kneebar) (Gi)

Ferdaws Nayimi Def. Jacob Crissman (Decision)

Liam Jones Def. Alessio Farrell (Decision) (Juvenile)

Selina Vith Def. Kayleigh Bortolussi (Decision)

Dan Dykeman Def. Jake Temple (Kneebar)

Addison Miller Def. Zack Recklein (Decision)

Jonathan Church Def. Lucas Jones (Decision)

Gerry Rayburn Def. Jeremy Dekenipp (Heel Hook)

Jared Magers Def. Dakota Dahler (Heel Hook)

Noah Miller Def. Rocco Colavecchia (Decision)

Brigid Chase II Def. Summer Hannah (Arm Triangle)

Donte James Def. Ben Waltz (Decision) (Gi)

Alesha Zappitella Def. Ashley Gargasz (Americana)

Max Stiers Def. Matthew Wallenstein (Armbar)

Khalid Qureshi Def. Juan Vega (Decision)

Bobby Mader Def. Noah Torrieri (Triangle) (Gi)

Dan Dykeman Def. Sean Foster (Heel Hook)

Matthew Baugher Def. Drew Shields (Decision)

Dustin Wagner Def. Zack Graham (Armbar) (Gi)

Joshua Lorton Def. Jonathan Coffman (Decision)

Joshua Bergfelt Def. Luke Murrin (Decision) (Gi)

Devin Pillar Def. Justin Pferdehirt (Decision)

Sean Barrett Def. Ian Binotto (Decision)

Maiah Yankello Def. Faith Nichols (Decision)

Shane Valko Def. Cody Hummel (Guillotine)

Anthony Molina Valdes Def. Ronald Snee (Straight Ankle Lock)

Ken Robison Def. Joshua Cummings (Heel Hook)

Chase Thomas Boyde Def. Zachary Humberton (RNC)

Trenton Zdarko Def. Joshua Baker (Straight Ankle Lock)

Christopher Passerrello Def. Daniel Sala (Decision) (Gi)

Jeff Mock Def. Cody Legendre (Twister)


David Weintraub Def. Evan Anastacio (Decision)

Main Event

Chris Dempsey Def. Jason Robinson (North/South Choke)

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