Fabricio Werdum waiting for Fedor Emelianenko to sign contract

Heavyweight legend Fabricio Werdum says he plans on signing with Bellator and is just waiting for Fedor Emelianenko to sign his contract.

Werdum recently became a free agent after his UFC contract expired following a submission win over Alexander Gustafsson on Fight Island. Bellator president Scott Coker has been trying to sign Werdum as a free agent and match him up against Emelianenko, but to this point, there hasn’t been any official progress on the front. Now there is.

Speaking to AG Fight, Werdum said that he has agreed to a contract with Bellator but it is dependent on Emelianenko accepting the fight, though he would still sign regardless.

“What remains is for Fedor to accept. I saw that he even said he would fight, but I don’t know if he spoke out or not to say no. We are just waiting for Fedor’s decision to sign the contract 100% and for it to be (my) first fight. I’ll close Bellator with more fights, I want to do more fights, I want to end my career at an event, I don’t want to be dripping. Did I close with Bellator? 100 percent Bellator. I want to do these last two years in an event, well,” Werdum said.


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