Fight 2 Win 147 Results: Manuel Ribamar wins big

Fight 2 Win 147 has concluded after another exciting night of action in Austin, and we saw some major victories up on the stage.

In the co-main event of the evening, Rafael Lovato Jr. came back to the F2W stage to face Helton Jose Jr.

Both competitors pulled guard, and Lovato came up right away, working to pass as Jose grabbed at Lovato’s lapels to tangle him up. The action slowed as the athletes found themselves entangled, but Lovato eventually worked his way to closed guard. As Jose pressured down, Lovato tried to work for a lapel, then reversed the position. Lovato passed Jose’s guard, then worked his way to the back for a body triangle. With under thirty seconds left, Lovato transitioned to an armbar, and Jose quickly tapped out.

Lovato was declared the winner via armbar.

In the main event, Jonatha Alves took on Manuel Ribamar, starting the match off by pulling guard. Ribamar countered with a slam, and Alves worked his way beneath his opponent to bring Ribamar down and even up the position. Both opponents worked their grips on each other’s pant legs, and a brief scramble led to them both tumbling off the stage. They started again in the center from the feet, and Alves again pulled guard while Ribamar threatened a foot lock. They once again fell back into a neutral position gripping each other’s pant legs, but Alves scrambled to get up. As they were reset in the center from standing, Ribamar pulled guard and then came up, but the two once again ended up in a leg entanglement. Alves managed to attempt a toehold attempt, but Ribamar defended, and neither competitor was able to finish the match before the clock ran out.

Ribamar was awarded the victory and middleweight title. With the victory, he and Nathiely de Jesus became the first husband and wife to both hold titles for F2W.

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