Fight 2 Win 156: Ocasio vs Maciel full results

Fight 2 Win 156 took place in Philadelphia Friday night, November the 6th. In the main event, ADCC silver medalist, Kennedy Maciel faced Unity Academy Instructor, Junny Ocasio. While the match only lasted four minutes, we saw a number of high level positions on both sides and a submission finish. Below we have the play by play from the main event as well as the full results from the card.

Ocasio vs Maciel Play By Play

Junie sits to his butt and begins to look for De La Riva guard (DLR). Maciel is staying low and looking for a pass. Ocasio has the leg trapped with a DLR but Maciel is taking his time and staying on top. They seperate and re-center.

Ocasio stays on his butt and is looking for a reverse DLR now while Maciel executes a quick knee cut and gains side control. Ocasio regains guard and they are back to where they started.

Ocasio is looking for a sweep from DLR and Maciel is looking for a knee cut pass. A Lot of hand fighting by both grapplers. Maciel secures double under with the legs. He uses the position to force Ocasio over into a turtle guard. After a brief scramble, Maciel has a kimura grip and transitions to an arm bar. Ocasio stacks Maciel in an attempt to defend the arm bar but is unable. Maciel gets the tap just under 4 minutes into the match.

Full Results

Kennedy Maciel defeats Junny Ocasio via arm bar.

Samuel Nagai defeats Marcio Andre via unanimous decision.

Sheliah Lindsey defeats Yan Reyes via decision.

Jackson Nagai defeats J. Guaresi via collar choke.

Dom Hoskins defeats Robbie de la Rionda via decision.

Brown Belts

Ed Abresley defeats Joshua Admams via decision.

Daniel Sala defeats Mateo Nunez via cross choke.

Andre Petroski defeats Andrew Jones via decision.

Sabastion Rodriquez defeats Christopher Passerello via decision.

Ian Morris defeats Ben Parris via decision.

Jeff mock defeats Eric Napes via toe hold.

Purple Belts

Savion Maranon defeats Charlie Livingston via unanimous decision.

(Maranon is the new 185lb champ).

Donnie Ortega Jr defeats Joshua Pletscher via decision.

Paul Barboille defeats Mike Wescott via kimura.

Charlie Livingston defeats N. Lawson via inside heel hook.

Bailey Luttrell defeats Erin Orange via cross choke.

Anthony Rodriquez defeats Nicholas Mimoso via unanimous decision.

AJ Discianni defeats Quin Puryear via arm bar.

Nicholas Ponce defeats Nicholas Toscano via split decision.

Laura Griffith defeats Ansley Cox via straight ankle lock.

Grant Kircher defeats Sam Micale via split decision.

Blue Belts

James VanOsdol defeats Tyler Carroll via leg lock.

David Cox defeats Max Livingston via north/south choke.

Patrick Brady defeats Zachary Sokol via unanimous decision.

Nick Mancini defeats Shaqueal Vaughn via calf slicer.

Phil Abbott defeats Manpreet Dhanjal via anaconda choke.

Ryan Crescenzo defeats M. Mccrimmon via arm bar.

ZaQuan Rosario defeats Ian Platz via unanimous decision.

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