Fight fever with KWU International Professional League

KWU International Professional League is about to produce another exciting and unforgettable week. Another doze of high-class kickboxing is coming to Bulgaria’s seaside as part of the 14th annual International Kyokushin Summer Camp “Kamchia 2020” which includes the sixth edition of SENSHI fight night.

The camp kicked-off on Monday (17.08) with the first fo many training sessions. More than 150 fighters from 14 countries had the chance to learn from kickboxing greats Semmy Schilt and Peter Aerts, as well as the chairman of the league Shihan Ivo Kamenov (6 dan).

K-1 World Grand Prix champions Peter Aerts and Semmy Schilt had some encouraging words to say at the beginning of the camp, stating that they are ecstatic to see so many fighters after months of isolation. The complicated current situation due to the COVID-19 restrictions made the organizers switch their focus to the Professional League.

Shihan Ivo Kamenov at the 2020 KWU Summer Camp

“We practiced online with many of you due amid the social isolation, but it’s way better to be here together”, said Semmy Schilt, the four-time K-1 WGP winner.

Aerts and Schilt divided the participants into two groups, with the session taking place outdoors due to the coronavirus restrictions. The fighters received valuable and useful tips on their technique and fight style. The instructors were encouraging them to choose their sparring partners with equivalency, so they can learn and upgrade their skillset properly.

The burning August sun didn’t bother the fighters and they went all-in in the training session and time flew by in a matter of moments.

Peter Aerts arrived in Kamchia with his son and daughter who were one of the most active participants.

The general secretary of KWU – Shihan Aleksandr Pichkunov is set to participate in the next training sessions. The Czech Republic’s martial artist Jan Soukup is also here.

All the participants of the Summer Camp took a mandatory PCR test. The testing is sponsored by organizers from Bulgaria. “We do it because we care for the safety and health of the people”, Shihan Ivo Kamenov said.

KWU International Professional League’s main goal is to upgrade the skill set of the professional fighters, to build on their technique and tactics that will ultimately increase the level of the fights and also to extract the most essential from the Kyokushin, Muay Thai and Kickboxing traditions. The importance of the full contact rules is embedded in the SENSHI fight nights since their beginning.

Credit: Milen Lesemann

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