Finland Leaves WAF and EAF

After Sweden decided to leave WAF and EAF, Finland is the second country to leave both organisations.

Read the full statement of Finnish Armsport Association:

Notification of termination of World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) and the European Armwrestling Federation (EAF) membership

Suomen Kadenvaanteliitto, Finnish Armsport Association ry (later Finnish Armsport Association) Board of Directors held meeting 11.6.2019 and unanimously vote decide to terminate its membership and withdraw from the World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) and the European Armwrestling Federation (EAF).

Decision is made based on facts that the EAF and the WAF actions does not comply values of the Finnish Armsport Association. The EAF and the WAF of does not respect their rules, its management activities are not transparent and there have been unduly limitations in voting rights as well as exclusion of athletes, officials and referees. Finnish Armsport Association wants to ensure that its athletes, officials and referees has right to compete, practice and be involved in armwrestling without fear to be unduly punished.

Finnish Armsport Association will continue as member of the Finnish Olympic committee and is also fully committed to apply WADA code.”

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