Fit Fury – Tyson has now lost a total of 138lbs

The weight-in for the Tyson Fury – Otto Walin bout showed another remarkable weight loss for the British fighter.

The Gipsy king, who showed up wearing a Mexican wrestler’s mask, was measured at 245.4lbs, 9 pounds lighter than when he fought Tom Schwarz 13 weeks ago. Walin’s scale showed 236.0 lbs. This makes Fury’s total loss in weight the astonishing 138lbs since he returned to pro boxing after 2 years away from it. Arround November 2017 the British was weighting the scary 392lbs, but has managed do return to his best in 2 years. Fury weighted 247lbs in November 2015 when he defeated Wladimir Klitschko.

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