Footage released of Shakur Stevenson’s 2018 brawl

It’s been nine months since Shakur Stevenson was arrested for his “alleged role in a fight in a Miami parking lot” alongside David Grayton, and while the case is still ongoing, Miami talk show host Andy Slater, who first broke the news of the arrest, has procured footage of the incident.

It does not make Stevenson or Grayton look good. For those of you who can’t watch a video at the moment, here’s a recap:

Stevenson throws the first punch, ducking around a woman to clock a man in a white hoodie and possibly grazing the back of her head in the process. When another woman starts open-palm smacking Grayton, Grayton pummels her to the ground while Stevenson sucker-punches the white hoodie man again. The woman whom Stevenson grazed tries to pull Grayton off of her friend and yells at him to stop, only for Grayton to punch her clean in the face. When white hoodie attempts to intervene, Grayton and Stevenson clobber him while he’s on the ground until the first woman Grayton beat tries to fend him off with a Thai clinch, leading Grayton to punch her again while Stevenson continues beating the man on his knees.

Stevenson appears to spit on the semiconscious man before dragging Grayton away, though not before Grayson boots white hoodie in the side.

So, yeah, Stevenson himself didn’t punch a woman, but he did gruesomely assault a helpless man and run interference while his friend beat women. He also threw the first punch in a confrontation that, according to the Miami police, he and Grayton initiated by “[making] comments to the group in the garage, including two women to whom they directed sexual innuendo.”

Slater reports that the State Attorney is looking to upgrade the original misdemeanor charges into felonies. Stevenson’s trial is scheduled for September 27th and he’s set to return to the ring on April 20th against Christopher Diaz.


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