Former UFC champion involved in a street fight (VIDEO)

Former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion and BJJ legend BJ Penn made the news for all the wrong reasons.

Penn got involved in an incident outside a bar in Hawaii, but unfortunately for him, he was the one getting knocked down. Video footage obtained by TMZ shows Penn foolishly goading the man to hit him in the face, which he does by throwing a right-handed slap and then following it up with a left hook that puts him on the ground.

Penn soon gets back to his feet as the video comes to an end, but other witnesses have claimed that he then got up and attacked the man from behind, sucker-punching him, taking him to the ground and then ground and pounding his adversary as he lies flat on his stomach – the latter of which is also caught on camera in a separate video.

There is still no confirmation of which video took part first, but there is no doubt the UFC legend shouldn’t be getting into that kind of stuff.

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