“Founders of Sambo”momument to be build in Moscow

The monument to the “Founders of SAMBO in Russia, V. A. Spiridonov, V. S. Oshchepkov and A. A. Kharlampiev” will be installed on the territory of the Luzhniki sports complex in Moscow.


According to the press service of the All-Russian Sambo Federation (ARSF), the grand opening of the monument is scheduled for November 16, 2020 – on the day of SAMBO birthday.

“Now the issues of technical installation of the monument are being resolved. Still, there is a confidence that we will be able to install a monument to our founders on the birthday of SAMBO,” – the President of the All-Russian SAMBO Federation, Vice-President of the International SAMBO Federation Sergey Eliseev said.

As the FIAS website has already reported, the contest for the projects of this monument took place last year. According to the voting results, the work of Salavat Shcherbakov “SAMBO is the Science of Winning” won. According to the sculptor’s idea, the monument will become a popular meeting place for the people of the “SAMBO brotherhood”, as well as recreation for children and adults.

Source: sambo.sport

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