France’s Alain Schmitt appointed national coach of Bulgaria

Former French judoka Alain Schmitt has been appointed as the new national coach of male and female judo selections for Bulgaria.

The 38-yar-old was women’s coach of Israel, but was released of his duty after the case of domestic violence which opposed Schmitt to Margaux Pinot.

Schmitt was arrested in December 2021 on allegations of punching his girlfriend, fellow French judoka Pinot. He was released later after a court hearing.

Schmitt’s lawyer announced to Le Parisien:

“While Madame Margaux Pinot tried to pass herself off as a victim and spread in the press while trying to discredit the court decision which had acquitted my client Alain Schmitt, the latter has just signed a contract on Monday with the Bulgarian team, which appoints him coach of the national judo team.”


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