Frank Mir vows to send opponen home on a stretcher

MMA legend Frank Mir is hoping to make a memorable boxing debut, albeit coinciding a loss.

The 41-year-old takes on Antonio Tarver in a warm-up fight for the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren event on April 17th and is hoping to channel his inner knockout mastery for the occasion.

“I just want to make a good showing of myself first and foremost. Look, I’m an example to my children and my children are smart. They’re phenomenal human beings, if you watch my Instagram you can see the things they’re already doing, my daughter and my sons. So I’m an example to them. When I walk out into that ring, my daughter’s gonna be in my corner. I want to make sure that when I walk out of that ring, my daughter’s proud that I’m her father.”, Mir told MMA Fighting’s What the Heck show


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Regarding the final result of the bout, the MMA legend has something in plan.

“Regardless of how that fight ends, I’m walking out of there with pride. Hopefully, that means me putting my fist through Tarver’s ribs and he gets carried out on a stretcher. But if it comes out with an L, he’s still probably leaving on a stretcher. I might get outpointed, but I’m making sure that everybody knows I was there.”

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