Frank Warren: Dubois-Joyce could be postponed again

Frank Warren, promoter of heavyweight contenders Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce, cautions that their bout might get postponed for a third time.

The fight was initially scheduled to take place on April 11, but then postponed to July 11 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It was postponed once again, as the pandemic has continued to play out, from July 11 to October 24…

The October date will depend on the restrictions in terms of the amount of fans that are capable of attending the event.

“You may get 3,000 people in the 20 000 seat arena, but that’s gonna look awful. You’re not gonna be allowed to sit next to each other, you’ve gotta spread them all around the arena. If you’ve got a one metre distance around you and you’re sitting in a seat, then it’s not just either side of you, it’s in front and behind you. So that means only 20 percent of the seats can be sold,” Warren told Talk Sport.

“I’d want it full. I’ve got no idea [how many would be allowed in]. But I’ve gotta be honest with you, if it’s something like 20 percent then we’ll postpone it again. We’ve gotta have a live audience. That gets a bit more out of the guys. If you’ve got a competitive fight, like with Daniel and Joe, you want the crowd cheering their man on.”

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