Frank Warren: I’d have gotten Dillian Whyte a title shot by now

Dillian Whyte has felt he’s been owed a shot at the WBC world heavyweight title for years now, and though there have been “promises” made that he’ll get it by Feb. 2021, Whyte has taken legal action to try and enforce a fight.

With titleholder Tyson Fury having reached a deal in principle to face Anthony Joshua in 2021, Whyte is probably right to worry he’ll get squeezed out again. And in this case, there wouldn’t even be another title to chase — Joshua has the other three recognized belts, and the entire idea behind Fury-Joshua is to market an undisputed heavyweight championship fight.

Promoter Frank Warren, who does not represent Whyte, chimed in to express some sympathy for the 32-year-old “Body Snatcher.”

“You can see why he’s upset,” Warren put out through social media. “He doesn’t feel he’s been looked after. If Dillian was with me, he would have fought for a world title by now. I had Tyson Fury fighting for a world title within six months of signing him. We kept him nice and active and then got him the Wilder fight.”

It should be mentioned that Fury is signed with both Warren’s Queensberry Promotions and Top Rank in the United States, and has been fighting in the United States for his last three bouts since bringing Top Rank on board.

Warren and Eddie Hearn, who has been promoting Whyte, certainly have no love lost between them. Just a few months back, Hearn had made various comments about negotiating with Tyson Fury, and Warren’s company along with Top Rank and MTK Global put out a joint statement that wasn’t directly addressed to Hearn but, you know, might as well have been. Basically, it told Eddie and Matchroom to shove off.

Of course, we now have those sides having worked together at least to the degree of getting a Fury-Anthony Joshua deal in place, at least in principle. Things can change fast in boxing, particularly when everyone has the potential to make a load of money.


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