Frank Warren: Joyce and Dubois are in number one positions

Frank Warren, who is the promoter for heavyweight contenders Joe Joyce and Daniel Dubois, is trying to position both of his boxers for world title fights in 2022.

Back in 2020, Joyce pulled off a chock victory when he stopped Dubois.

Dubois suffered a fractured orbital bone in the fight – and made a decision to go to a knee for the full count in round ten. Since that loss, Dubois has rebuilt his path with two knockout wins and finds himself in position to fight WBA “regular” champion Trevor Bryan

At some point Warren will explore a Joyce vs. Dubois rematch – but not in the near future.

“The rematch is on our radar but it’s pointless to be doing that when both Joyce and Dubois are in number one positions,” Warren told BBC Sport.

“It’s always a good fight between Joe Joyce and Daniel Dubois and it’s always there – and it will be better next time round because it’ll be in front of a live audience.”

“These guys will be in a world title fight one way or another, either against Tyson Fury or someone else. They’re in an extremely strong position.”

“That’s why it doesn’t quite make sense to do Joyce v Dubois II right now. But when they do fight each other they will have much more experience. It could be a stadium fight.”

How quickly Joyce and Dubois will get a title shot will depend on the landscape of the heavyweight division.

“Everything depends on what happens with the heavyweights, whether the belts fragment or there’s a unification but they’re in good positions,” Warren added.

“I think Tyson beats them all, but should he become undisputed, will he be able to hold on to all the belts or be forced to vacate? Will Tyson defend against Joyce or Dubois? It’s hard to predict.”

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