Freddie Roach picks Crawford to KO Khan (VIDEO)

This Saturday night Madison Square Garden will host one of the most anticipated boxing matches in 2019 so far. The WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford (34-0-0) will be lacing them up for his second title defence against former WBA “Super” and IBF super lightweight champion Amir Khan (33-4-0).

The American is being heavily favored to win the bout by the majority of boxing fans and authorities. Even Khan’s former coach, the Hall of Famer Freddie Roach believes that Crawford’s power and boxing IQ will be too much for the 32-year-old Brit.

“If Amir can stick to the gameplay and box for 12 rounds he can do really, really well because he is a great boxer,” Roach told Boxing Social.

“He has all the skill in the world and he has a lot of speed, but at some point, he will go for the knockout and when he does that he gets himself in harm’s way and get knocked out. In all the fights he’s been knocked out, he’s been ahead. He’s a very good boxer, he’s very good at what he does but he has that block in his head. He goes for the knockout but in this sport, you can’t go for the knockout; if it comes, it comes, don’t force it.

“Terence Crawford is a good fighter. Amir has better speed and footwork but he has to put them together and be at his best. He has to win every round one at a time. But I believe Amir will be knocked out somewhere along the way because he has bad habits.”

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