Front delts exercises (VIDEO)

Your shoulders are one of the strongest muscle groups in your entire body. They play a huge part in strengthening your chest and back – your delts are doing a lot of job even if you’re not noticing right away.

We’ve already made a stop at your rear delts and we explained how important the whole joint is.

As the name implies, the front, or anterior, head of the deltoid is found closest to the front of the body, where it attaches to the humerus (upper arm bone) and to the common tendon that is shared by the other two deltoid heads (the middle, or lateral, deltoid and rear, or posterior, deltoid). The front deltoid head is responsible for flexing the upper arm, which raises the arm in front of the body, as in front raises. It also assists the middle deltoid head in abduction, in which the upper arm raises out to the side and up, as in lateral raises.

Check out this video to see what you need to be doing and start ASAP!

Neglecting your shoulders should be against the law!!!

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