Full Fight Video: Atanas Bozhilov with another dominant win at SENSHI 5

Bulgaria`s national kickboxing team captain Atanas Bozhilov did not disappoint.

In a co-main event bout at the fifth edition of SENSHI in Varna he successfully defended his WAKO PRO title at 71,8 kg. He defeated Portugal`s Adolfo Barao with an unanimous decision after 5 very exciting and full action rounds.

As usual, Bozhilov demonstrated high Fight IQ and ring craft. He executed his gameplan perfectly and attacked with vintage combinations of hooks and kicks which bruised Barao`s thighs. Bozhilov showcased slick footwork and crisp punches which made the crowd applaud him and cheer throughout the whole fight.

Check out the full fight between Bozhilov and Barao here:

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