Full Fight Video: Dramatic win for Nikolay Yorgov at SENSHI 5

Bulgarian kyokushin and muay thai fighter Nikolay Yorgov won for the fourth time at a SENSHI event. He edged Majid Beiji from Iran in a dramatic four-round fight in a KWU SENSHI bout under 80kg.

The competitor from SC “Armeec” was the more aggressive fighter looking to close the distance, while Beiji was more counter-attacking and was changing the angles with excellent footwork. The first three rounds were very close and the judges decided they want to watch these men fight three more minutes!

Yorgov showed a heart of a champion and the crowd support in Varna boosted him up. Both fighters left it all in the ring, but after the final bell the judges were sure that Yorgov`s hand is to be raised.

Check out the full replay of this exciting fight:

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