Fury: I didn’t want to do anything else apart from being world heavyweight champion

Despite saying that he is on strike with media, Tyson Fury, gave an exclusive interview for GQ and talked about his fight with depression, future career plans and him as a father and husband.

“The old Tyson Fury was concerned about being accepted and whatever, I only live for myself on a daily basis. I’m not really concerned what people accept or they don’t. All that I’m concerned about is that I wake up every day in a mentally well mind and providing for my family. Whether people accept me, like me or hate me is entirely up to them. Everyone’s got their own opinion.”, says the Gypsy King.

Fury didn’t resemble a heavyweight boxer like Mike Tyson as a baby – born premature, he weighed barely 1lb and struggled to breathe, according to his father. He himself has spoken of being resuscitated after his heart stopped three times. He doesn’t resemble Mike Tyson much now either. The American had a completely different fighting style – barely 5ft 9in, he would launch mad blitzes to get close to his opponents and on infamous occasions lost his temper. Fury, a giant, hangs back and says he is never angry in the ring.

“Everything I do is controlled… I don’t see boxing as a big ‘Aaargh!’ It’s a fight. It’s not a violent thing to me, boxing. It’s a sport, it’s not an aggressive thing.”

Boxing is the only thing I wanted to do in my life. Ever. I didn’t want to do anything else apart from being heavyweight champion of the world,” he recalls. His schoolteacher remembers him making the claim. So too does his wife Paris, who was introduced to him through an aunt when she was 15 and he was 17. They started going out after her 16th birthday, but Fury was adamant that his priority was boxing.

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