George Kambosos on Devin Haney: He boxed nice, he did what he had to do

George Kambosos sat ringside to scout a potential future opponent – as he watched Devin Haney retain his WBC lightweight title with a twelve round unanimous decision over former beltholder Joseph Diaz.

Haney boxed very well from start to finish and held off a very aggressive surge from Diaz in the second half of the contest.

After Haney’s win, Kambosos gave his thoughts on the performance.

“He boxed nice, he did what he had to do, similar to his other fights. But I’ve got to give credit to JoJo Diaz, he brought it, but Devin Haney did his thing,” Kambosos said.

Image: БТА

“I saw the holes there already,” Kambosos said. “That’s me as a fighter, I see things straight away. It was a good fight, I’ll give him his props and we’ll see what happens now.”

Kambosos believes Haney has been accustomed to facing fighters who are smaller or moving up in weight from lower divisions, like Diaz.

“I’m a natural 135 pounder, I’m strong but I’m very explosive, very fast, it’s something he would have never seen in his life before, just like Lopez had never seen before in his life,” Kambosos said.

Kambosos is looking to fight in Australia in the first half of 2022 – and Haney is one of several names that he’s considering.

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