GLORY 66 Weigh-In results (VIDEO)

Tonight Paris is hosting the 4th event of GLORY kickboxing for 2019. GLORY 66 will take place at Zénith Paris, as the vent marks the third time GLORY is heading to the capital of France.

In the main event of the evening, multiple-time welterweight champion Cédric Doumbé (72-6-1) puts his belt on the line in his home country against Azerbaijan’s Alim Nabiyev (51-7).

The pair had already met once at GLORY 51 when the 24-years-old Nabiyev defeated the 26-years-old Doumbé via SD.

Two other belts will also be defended tonight. Women’s super bantamweight champion Anissa Meksen (98-4) defends against Sofia Olofsson (49-8) in the co-main event and the light heavyweight titleholder Artem Vakhitov (20-5) headlines the SuperFight Series against challenger Donegi Abena (24-5).

Here are the full results from the official weigh-in yesterday.

Cédric Doumbé (76.5 kg) vs. Alim Nabiyev (76.7 kg) – for the welterweight title
Anissa Meksen (55.0 kg) vs. Sofia Olofsson (54.2 kg) – for women’s super bantamweight title
Mohamed Mezouari (76.7 kg) vs. Adam Hadfield (76.8 kg)
Luis Tavares (94.7 kg) vs. Felipe Micheletti (94.2 kg)
Artem Vakhitov (94.0 kg) vs. Donegi Abena (94.1 kg) – for light heavyweight title
Artur Gorlov (95.0 kg) vs. Yegish Yegoian (94.5 kg)
Stoyan Koprivlenski (70.0 kg) vs. Mohammed Jaraya (69.8 kg)
Nordine Mahieddine (105.9 kg) vs. Antonio Plazibat (108.1 kg)
Aleksei Ulianov (64.8 kg) vs. Masaya Kubo (64.6 kg)
Michaël Palandre (69.8 kg) vs. Vlad Tuinov (69.7 kg)
Matthieu Ceva (84.1 kg) vs. Matej Penaz (84.9 kg)
William Goldie-Galloway (69.8 kg) vs. Guerric Billet (69.5 kg)
Sarah Moussaddak (55.1 kg) vs. Aurore Dos Santos (54.3 kg)

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