GLORY: We absolutely can not risk the health of any athlete

The GLORY 76 event, which was scheduled for November 7, was being postponed, after Badr Hari has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Most of the fans started blaming the organisation.

Scott Rudmann, Executive Vice Chairman of GLORY explained that the health of the fighters in on 1st place:

“It is very disappointing because Badr, his trainers and his environment have done everything to prevent contamination. He was in full training on his way to the ring. However, his health and recovery are most important.”

Rudmann continues: “In addition to that, last week the Dutch government announced that all sporting competitions in the Netherlands except for professional football are being shut down. Hence, to travel to another country for the GLORY 76 event presents additional logistical risks for athletes and their teams that must be managed carefully – and we will do so.”

“We absolutely can not risk the health of any of 14 athletes and their teams who would be participating in the event, nor the GLORY staff that would produce the event. This is why we made the decision to postpone.”

“We recommend strongly to all our athletes to keep taking the safety precautions around Covid-19 seriously and take extra care as they prepare themselves for their match. Respect the rules and quarantine. We will announce a new date as soon as we can.”

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