Glover Teixeira wants LH title shot

Brazil’s Glover Teixeira put on one of his most dominant performance at UFC Vegas 13 this past weekend when he defeated his fellow countryman Thiago Santos.

The veteran earned his 4 consecutive victory following a third-round submission win over Santos.

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At 41 years of age, Glover Teixeira does not have much time left in this sport, which makes his window for a world title shot much smaller than the typical top contender. This is a fact that Teixeira directed towards UFC boss Dana White after his victory.

“Dana White, come on man, I’m an old man over here,” Teixeira said in his post-fight interview. “You’re going to give the shot to Adesanya and make me wait? Five fights in a row, beating these young guys. It’s not easy. Give me that title shot.”

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Some weeks ago Dana White announced that Jan Blachovicz will be making his first title defense against UFC middleweight champ Israel Adesanya.

In the UFC on ESPN+40 post-fight show, Dana White had the opportunity to respond to Teixeira’s remarks, and he had to concede to Teixeira’s argument:

“He’s not wrong,” White said. “It’s like ‘I deserve this shot,’ he’s been here forever, he’s on a streak. He looked great tonight. What’s funny is every time I count this guy out and think that I don’t know if he’s got it, he proves me wrong. He looked incredible tonight.”

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