Golden Boy Promotions planning big July 4 show

Golden Boy Promotions CEO – Oscar de la Hoya has announced that his team is planning a big boxing-return show for July 4.

The fight night will go down without fans in the stands as the card will feature 10 bouts. The American insisted he had multiple conversations with some of the most notorious athletic commissions about the venue.

“We can see a light,” De La Hoya said from his home in California.

“Our governor is going to make some crucial decisions, May 15. We will know then what we can do, but we are going to start revving our engines.”

“People want to be entertained, they want to be distracted,” De La Hoya added. “Boxing has always been a sport that can take you away, whether it’s for a moment, or for an hour or so.”

“I’m proud to have promoted Cinco de Mayo and September 16. Now it’s time for Golden Boy to take over our country’s birthday, 4th of July,” De la Hoya tweeted.

It remains to be seen which US state will open its gates for the entertainment business. The last boxing show that was held in the US was on March 14 in Tampa, Florida.

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