Great results for the Dutch KWF team

The Dutch team participated in the President of Sieradz cup in Sieradz, Poland. This tournament was organized for the 32nd time and is the oldest Kyokushin championship in Poland, reminds “”.

Despite this difficult COVID 19 situation, there were 130 participants in Kata and Kumite. The Dutch team had 8 participants, 3 coaches Andre van Wezel, Dominic Monasso, and Henry Nijenhuis. The referees were Arnold van Oudvorst, Judith Lorist, Lia Vlietland, and Auke Vellema.

In kata, we had 4 participants and 3 prizewinners. In junior Dave won bronze and in the senior category Bart Overkamp 1th place and Jan Horn 2nd place.

The senior women category was very interesting. We decide to make this category an open category. The women had to fight al participants and did all 5 fights. the weight difference was sometimes 15kg. The fights were really attractive. In the end, we had three Dutch successes, Roxanne Ramselaar 1th place, Valence Bickel 2nd, and Saba Tsjong A Tsjoe 3rd.

In the junior category, Dave had to fight a few strong Polish fighters. The fights were tough and attractive. Dave fought very well and ended at the 1st place

Senior man middleweight Bart Overkamp ended rank 2 and in the heavyweight, Nick Nijenhuis showed his power and became champion. Jan Horn earned the bronze.

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