Hakuho and Aoiyama record 10th wins in Osaka

Yokozuna Hakuho bounced back from his first loss and collected his 10th win of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka. On Wednesday he remain in a two-way tie for the lead with Bulgarian sumo wrestler Aoiyama.

The Mongolian-born yokozuna overcame komusubi Hokutofuji, while chasing a record-extending 44th title. Hakuho hit a roadblock when he gave up the sole lead after a shock upset on Day 10.

The other co-leader, No. 13 Aoiyama, is keeping the pressure by beating rookie Kotonowaka.

Aoiyama (10-1) was nearly pulled down by the lowly No. 18 maegashira in his initial charge, but the Bulgarian recovered and used his 193-kg frame to drive Kotonowaka to the straw and thrust him out.

The next rung on the leaderboard also remained the same, with Kakuryu headlining a group of four on the heels of Hakuho and Aoiyama.

Source: Japan Times

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