Have you heard of Jean-Charles Skarbowsky? (VIDEO)

Muay Thai highlight of the French legend – Jean-Charles Skarbowsky. Jean-Charles Skarbowsky is a former 3x European Muay Thai champion and former #1 ranked fighter at Rajadamnern stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. He was one of the pioneers of French Muay Thai and trained with fellow nak muays Dany Bill and Stephane Nikiema at Jocky Gym in Thailand during the nineties.

Jean-Charles was introduced the the MMA world during season 12 of “The Ultimate Fighter” when MMA legend George St Pierre invited Jean-Charles to help coach his fighters. Jean-Charles took a 14-hour flight from Paris to Las Vegas and, upon landing on US soil, immediately began partying at The Rehab Pool Party and The Hard Rock.

He arrived at the gym the following day (still drunk from the night before) and was clearly not in shape. He sparred with George’s team of MMA fighters and schooled them in every which way, throwing them around and kicking them at will…. drunk!

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